VidyoTransmission is an affordable, low-latency TV transmission solution supporting point-to-point and point-to-multipoint over IP, using the newest generation H.264 SVC (Scalable Video Coding.) VidyoTransmission provides extreme reliability and network resiliency, as well as path diversity and video confidence monitoring. Control is Web-based and provides exceptional flexibility for operations management.

Key Features
  • Remote confidence monitoring

    Confidence monitoring is essential for backhaul solution. We provide you with a web based control panel that to monitor originated feeds from the encoders and terminated feeds from the decoder. This assures full path monitoring from origination to termination.

  • Local branding and DTMF support

    Vidyocast supports DTMF tones for local insertion of commercials and programming.

  • Zone control for TV network and sub-network distribution

    In a point-to-multi-point backhaul distribution, the VidyoCast solution supports zoning where you can decide which channel goes to which region in a meshed network design.

  • Centralized feeds management

    VidyoCast provides an intuitive web based interface for feeds management, this allows for fast routing and switching of feeds in an environment of any-to-any. This control interface can be managed from a centralized operation center or local sites can control their own feeds.