The revolutionary VidyoRouter has sub-200 ms encoder-decoder latency, high resiliency to network errors, built in digital video effects, trans-rating and resolution scaling. It uses the latest generation H.264 SVC standard to optimize the performance of private and public IP networks. This, along with VidyoCast’s proprietary control system, provides a uniquely powerful, carrier-grade, hosted feeds management platform.

It complements fixed-circuit services by increasing the reliability of shared private networks and provides the ideal way to handle ad hoc services over the Internet.

  • Feature rich platform

    VidyoCast's suite of products and services span several areas of carrier broadcast services.

    VidyoCast's suite includes: Encoders, Decoders, Hosted IP Switching, VidyoRouter for distribution control and bandwidth localization, VidyoIP Monitor Wall to distribute feeds configured for individuals or groups over IP and transmission links as primary and as backup.

  • Scalable architecture, supports tens of thousands of feeds

    The platform supports a cascaded architecture of VidyoRouters that scales efficiently and can support thousands of feeds globally, while maintaining optimal throughput and high resiliency in handling network errors.

  • Flexible Path Redundancy

    VidyoCast is an ideal way to back up high value fixed fiber feeds and satellite feeds. Our encoders have path diversity built in, with auto-failover. Encoders and decoders have confidence return to provide assurrance of successful feed origination and reception.

  • New Broadcast-Carrier Services

    VidyoCast's hosted platform includes capabilities never before found in the portfolio of broadcast services from carriers. The live production tools of VidyoCast, built into the contribution feeds management system, provide uniquely powerful production functions. The ability to accomplish remote news and sports productions including remote robotics camera control coupled with exreme low latency encoding-decoding and our unique feeds management platform, helps expand high capacity circuit use. Instead of rolling large trucks, for mid-tier sports events, use large circuits to connect to centralized production resources.

    VidyoCast's live production tools include video production switcher-like functions of 2D Digital Video Effects (DVE) scaling which is composited on the output of our decoders. This aspect of a carrier's broadcast platform allows reporters to have multiple parties on screen to tell "their side" of issues, together. This no longer has to happen in expensive live production studios. As word of this resource reaches broader into news, the effect will be getting quickly "to the heart" of stories, making news more interesting to watch, and hugely increasing the number of ad hoc feeds for carrier's broadcast services.