VidyoCast provides a range of powerful tools for sports productions. Low latency IP network return decoders for trucks, so field announcers can see what's on air instantly. Combining latest generation encoding-decoding, using H.264 SVC (Scalable Video Coding), and VidyoRouter achieve a breakthrough in video transit, allowing reliable use of the Internet and shared circuits.

Capture the passion of fans and leverage former stars-coaches-analysts in game production and routine coverage through use of VidyoContribution. Cover press conferences with remote camera robotics, tied with our extreme low-latency encoders-decoders.

VidyoCast easily facilitates point-to-multipoint distribution of games and feeds. Our continuity solution provides inexpensive backup of primary satellite or fiber circuits. Producers can watch their own multiview set of feeds delivered to their desktops/laptops by LAN-WAN-Broadband via our IP Monitor Wall.

VidyoCast is game-changing sports technology.

  • Remote Robotics Camera Control

    On our interface, to facilitate quick-changes, 10 pre-sets per camera are provided, full pan-tilt-zoom-iris is provided as well as source menu selection for white balance and colorimetry.

    To facilitate quick changes, 10 pre-sets per camera are provided. Camera control includes full pan-tilt-zoom-iris, and control menus are accessed remotely for white balance, black level and colorimetry.

  • Low delay network return to trucks and booths

    VidyoNetReturn is compact and rugged decoder to receive a low-latency return feed over IP from a production center back to a sports truck or venue booth. It allows field operations to view the on-air feed with added graphics and instantly see breaks, other contribution feeds, whatever is relevant for game announcers. Latency is under 200 ms combining encoding and decoding.

  • Improve sports coverage

    Using VidyoContribution, it's easy to bring guests, famous players, former coaches and fans on air. With a quick email form, invitations sent, individuals click and link and they're on air.

    Only a broadband connection is needed - VidyoCast's H.264 Scalable Video Coding software allows high quality, highly dependable feeds across the Internet from Windows and Macs.

    Contributors see the selected return path video – so they see anchors, and, the return path video can be easily switched to show roll-in video.