At the heart of the VidyoCast platform is the VidyoRouter — a hosted video IP server that switches feeds for distribution, optimizes bandwidth to each receiving VidyoDecoder, and manages H.264 SVC resolution layers.

The VidyoRouter dynamically adjusts what it should be delivering, ensuring that each endpoint is provided with the highest quality video that it is capable of receiving.

It can scale up in a distributed architecture to support thousands of feeds over private and public IP networks. As a core component of the VidyoCast suite, it plays a role across all products.

Key Features
  • H.264 SVC Scalable Video Coding

    Traditional video coding using H.264 AVC is very sensitive to transmission errors since most are visible for some time due to their propagation within the video. Mitigating this typically requires a sudden increase in bit rate to stop the error propagation. However, since most errors in Internet and private network transmissions are caused by congestion, increasing the bit rate compounds the problems.

    VidyoRouter is a breakthrough in the field of video transmission over IP networks. It handles transmitting and receiving of audio/video bit streams on-the-fly, using an intelligent rules-based engine for temporal, spatial and signal-to-noise-ratio scalability.

  • Bandwidth optimization

    VidyoRouter monitors the bandwidth and processing power of each Encoder/Decoder and adjusts packet delivery on the fly, so that each decoder receives the highest quality video it's capable of receiving. This intelligent packet-switching, combined with Vidyo's industry leadership in H.264 SVC, ensures the lowest latency and highest error resiliency available over everyday networks.

  • Audio mix-minus

    Fully automated audio mix minus between contributors, with comprehensive audio source control per feed, specially designed for panel discussion.

  • Expandable architecture

    The system supports a distributed architecture where each feed can traverse across multiple VidyoRouters for unprecedented scalability. Each 1U rack mountable unit is scalable to 100 concurrent HD Feeds, which can be managed through a single Web-based control station. This architecture can localize traffic at each VidyoRouter, conserving bandwidth by reflecting local viewing to avoid redundant in-bound video streams.