VidyoNetReturn is a compact and rugged network return decoder for low-latency return feeds to remote production trucks. Requiring no special setup, it receives feeds with reliable low latency (200 ms combining encoder and decoder). When Internet connection speeds are compromised on the network return path, VidyoNetReturn is easily optimized by adjusting the frame rate and resolution. As a hosted resource, it works anywhere there's a broadband Internet connection.

Key Features
  • Compact design SDI/HD-SDI

    VidyoNetReturn has a small form factor of 8″x8″x3.5″, with SDI/HD-SDI output. It doesn't require a rack space in the truck; it's fan-less operation is extremely quiet. It comes in a hardened shipping case for safe transit.

  • On-screen status overlay

    On-screen messages indicate connection availability and bandwidth - especially helpful when the only Internet connections are wireless broadband.

  • Remote control and settings

    All settings are done remotely from the Web-based control station, including IP, source, resolution, naming, quality levels and bandwidth. Truck engineers don't need time-consuming learning of configurations. One person from the central control can manage all remotely located VidyoNetReturns.

  • Easy connect

    VidyoNetReturn supports DHCP or fixed IP settings. It also has a built-in firewall traversal mechanism to simplify connectivity as trucks travel from one production location to another.