Provides personalized feeds groups monitoring over LAN-WAN-Broadband to authorized individuals and fixed locations, using VidyoCast's breakthrough H.264 SVC technology. Invaluable for breaking news, major sports events and routine CentralCasting, the VidyoIP Monitor Wall can be viewed on dedicated HDMI/HD-SDI decoders, or on Macs/Windows over private networks or the Internet. Feed selection can be easily individualized, sent to fixed monitors, and accessed while traveling. Latency is 200ms including encoding-decoding.

Key Features
  • Distance Monitoring

    As an IP based solution, sources can be monitored regardless their physical origination location - whether a source is connected over private shared WAN or over the Internet.

    All sources are routed via the VidyoRouter. It's a cost-efficient architecture that provides monitoring in unlimited locations, without the need for a multicast closed network between locations.

  • Monitor on Windows or Mac

    An executive monitor application is available for Windows and Mac OS X. Each monitor wall application is managed via the Web-based control station as if it was a fixed monitor wall device. Only authorized sources are routed to each monitor wall application, based on the role and needs of the person watching.

  • Template creation and display layout management

    There's no need for complex graphic programming skills — VidyoCast provides an easy way to create templates and manage the display layouts. Simply design a graphic layout using any graphic editor (e.g., Paint on Windows, Paintbrush on Mac), save the image as a PNG file and upload it to VidyoCentral — it's that easy. Now you can individually manage and use sets of layouts for each show.

  • Access from anywhere

    VidyoIP Monitor Wall control station is a Web-based interface that can be accessed with the right credentials from anywhere that broadband is available. This allows for unprecedented flexibility in routing sources to different IP Monitor Wall devices and applications at any time. As the operation engineering manager, you can monitor and manage all sources while traveling from any hotel or even with a wireless broadband connection.