A solution designed to complement news production systems and existing master control automation systems by providing localized playout of news, sports and spots.

It includes a scheduler for linear channels with live sources switching from live encoders and stored files. Schedules can be flexibly made; as-run logs are returned for traffic reconciliation.

The switching is done over centralized hosted switcher as well as store-and-forward edge switching. Localization commonly includes large cable headends, satellite DTH and translators.

Key Features
  • Localized playout

    In a multi-site distribution environment, VidyoCast provides a web based interface for channel program and commercial localization. Program control can be done from a centralized operation center or each local site can control its own channels.

  • Localized graphics

    Instead of embedding all graphics into programming, you can now add different backgrounds, bugs and overlays to each channel separately, at a cable head-end or localized transmitter.

  • Emergency announcement override

    In case of an emergency announcement, the system supports multi-channel override that will transmit a message from a file or live announcer or selected channel. When the announcement is over, all channels will return to their original programming timeline.

  • Scheduled playout, combining live and recorded material

    When setting a channel timeline, you have the flexibility to choose a segment from a file or from a live encoder. A file or encoder can be shared for different channels timelines, at the same time or in different times.