Looking to pilot a new show with audience participation and maintain a reasonable budget? VidyoCast provides groundbreaking tools to overcome today’s challenges of turning your audience from static watchers to active participants. The platform can host hundreds of participants from anywhere at unprecedented low cost and with unique time efficiency.

  • Limitless guest list – from laptops to studios

    Invite, manage and air hundreds of remote participants. The producer and assistant can communicate independently with any of the guests, set them up to go on air and conference them to a panel discussion. This is a great tool for game shows, talk shows, trivia shows, and reality TV (with integrated camera robotics). Because control is web-based, the production can originate from almost anywhere - including studios, with HD-SDI of Vidyo Decoders going directly to production switchers. Audio mix minus back to each participant is handled in our platform.

  • Live Event Coverage

    VidyoCast provies a range of tools for live coverage of movie premiers, red carpet events, charity balls, celebrity coverage, award ceremonies, junkets, etc. These range from VidyoContribution, via laptops on site, to transmission links, remote production including camera robotics control, audio control, all with a low latency return path to the event site so hosts see the on-air or live-to-studio production switcher output. VidyoCast can integrate or in some cases replace field backpack transmission systems, and handle point-to-multipoint distribution.

  • New types of entertainment shows

    VidyoCast's revolutionary hosted VidyoRouter has built in 2D DVE. The opportunity to produce multi-party television segments, with individuals interacting with one another - - without having to use a production control room -- changes the game on how entertainment shows can be produced.

    The costs of studio rental to accomplish expensive feeds and multiple DVE's would bust the budget of many productions. With VidyoCast, these resources are available online.

    The opportunity to use the latest-generation entertainment production tools in VidyoCast can fundamentally re-shape a part of entertainment program production.