Vidyocast encoders and decoders bring the next step in technology innovation to broadcast. Based on industry-standard H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC), VidyoCast delivers unprecedented quality per-bitrate, with the industry's highest resiliency, over private or public IP networks.

VidyoEncoder is designed to maintain extremely low latency (sub 200 ms) for natural conversations, interviews and fast feeds switching. Built for the broadcast industry, hardware encoders/decoders have HD-SDI/SDI input/output; software encoders and decoders run on Windows and Macs.

Key Features
  • Multi resolutions in a single feed

    H.264-SVC encodes the video in multiple resolution layers, so one feed can be delivered via our VidyoRouter simultaneously to multiple decoders of different resolution, including HD and SD in one feed. Resolution layers stack efficiently. If network conditions reduce data rates, the system adjusts resolution seamlessly; bandwidth optimization is applied to each connection.

  • Transmission errors resiliency, built-in reliability layer

    As part of the Scalable Video Coding architecture, VidyoCast encoder features enhanced network resiliency, to maintain unblemished broadcast quality over shared private networks, and provide a level of reliable broadcast quality over the Internet that the industry hasn't seen before.

  • Low Delay

    Achieving low delay video transmission over IP networks, which are subject to packet loss, presents many challenges. VidyoCast manages to overcome those challenges, introducing less than 200 milliseconds of end-to-end latency. Conversations and interviews sound natural on air.

  • Confidence return

    Both the encoder and decoder provide video/audio confidence monitoring, viewable from a browser-based control station. Encoders have built-in decoders with low-resolution confidence return, and decoders have built-in confidence encoders. This feature provides faster remote diagnostics and network problem resolution.