Finally: A post-production collaboration solution with a high quality video conferencing core. Dispersed post production teams can work together more effectively and customers can review several stages of post production process rather than review only the end product.

VidyoEdit Review is not only for spot and entertainment production, it's well suited for supervising controversial news edits. It's been developed in conjunction with some of the world's largest advertising agencies, and, with premier TV news networks.

Key Features
  • Live review

    From your editing environment, connect your video output to VidyoEncoder and stream your edited piece to a group of viewers in a VidyoConferencing session. This allows sharing of your existing editing environment with your customers and colleagues in real time. You dont need to relay on other editing software tools, you collaborate with your own editing environment with frame-by-frame accuracy.

  • Individual content routing control

    Once the edited segments are uploaded to our system, or played back into our encoder, segments can be shared with reviewers and interactively discussed. This simplifies and shortens the review process.

  • Side by side clip comparison

    If you need to show a comparison of two edited versions, you can upload those files to the system and share the files to show a side-by-side comparison. You can also upload one edited version and play back another version live via VidyoEncoder.