VidyoContribution is a groundbreaking feeds management tool for live production of news, sports and entertainment. It simplifies inviting, connecting, preparing and airing high-quality contribution feeds over IP. VidyoContribution brings newsmakers-guests-reporters on air easily, in high quality, at low cost. Based on the latest generation of H.264 SVC, we achieve unprecedented quality per-bit-rate, and extreme low latency that maintains naturalness of conversations/interviews.

Key Features
  • Remote device control: cameras, microphones, speakers

    The system includes an intuitive contribution interface providing centralized control of cameras, robotics (where needed), audio levels, audio mix-minus, intercom and built-in video conferencing. The control interface allows easy selection of resolutions, data rates and remote store and forward recording capabilities. Input can be Firewire, USB or SDI/HD-SDI. Output on VidyoCast decoders is SDI/HD-SDI.

  • Built-in audio mix-minus

    In any one-on-one interview or group discussion, the system handles audio mix-minus; letting each individual hear others but not themself. This eliminates the complexity of sophisticated audio bridges and phone lines/tie lines. It makes setting up multi-party discussion extremely fast and easy.

  • Conference mode for setting up panel discussions

    Feeds managers and producers/directors interact with contributors, individually or in groups, through built-in video conferencing, intercom and chat, with easily-configured return video feeds.

  • High quality remote recording on interviewee's desktop/laptop

    In live news contribution feeds over shared private networks or the Internet, it's inevitable that there will be times the amount of available bandwidth is less than ideal. VidyoCast has the option to remotely record on the contributor's desktop/laptop, then retrieve the file immediately after the interview/contribution.

    The recording is temporarily stored on the PC of the person being interviewed. The resolution is specified by central control. Those being interviewed are asked to simply keep their desktop/laptop connected for a short time while the file is retrieved - the interviewee doesn't have to do anything else. The file is deleted from the interviewee's computer after the transfer is completed.

  • Intercom/IFB integration

    Our built-in low latency intercom/IFB enables feeds managers and producers/directors to interact with contributors - individually or in groups - before and during on air appearances. This includes technical integration with in-house intercom/IFB.