VidyoContinuity is a flexible, reliable and affordable range of backup and redundancy tools suitable for broadcast transmission chains and key contribution paths. It is managed by the centralized feeds management system to control distribution over shared private networks and the Internet with unprecedented quality and resiliency of the new generation of H.264 SVC.

VidyoContinuity can be configured in a point-to-point continuity design or in multi-location contingency plan.

Key Features
  • Satellite uplink Bbckup

    When disaster strikes and an uplink facility fails to send your channel for distribution, you may want to consider an affordable and reliable alternative over IP to a secondary uplink facility.

    VidyoContinuity offers a backup solution at a cost of insurance, rather than paying twice for uplink redundancy.

  • Auto/manual backup mode

    Vidyocast's unique backup solution supports a feeds-auto-swap option for a continuous video transmissions that are originated from different location. That means that a receiving decoder can have a default encoder and a backup encoder, and it will pick the better feed. This function can also be manually activated at any time.

  • Confidence monitoring

    Confidence monitoring is essential for any backup solution. We provide you with a Web-based control panel to monitor originated feeds from the encoders and terminated feeds from the decoder. This assures full path monitoring from origination to termination.

  • SD-HD facility agnostic

    Our encoders and decoders up-convert and down-convert the feeds based on the local site connectivity. This simplifies contingency planning of multiple facilities that support different input/output resolutions.