VidyoCentral is a true game-changer that redefines the cost equation of On-Air multi-party discussions. It offers an intuitive management interface that maximizes the efficiency of live remote productions of news conferences, bureaus, events, contributor/newsmaker sites, studios, classrooms etc.

VidyoCentral provides Digital Video Effects (DVE), combining participants in designated locations on-screen through a simple user interface. The 2D DVE is composited in the decoder and output on one SDI/HD-SDI port. Background graphics can be easily added, and layouts easily changed.

Key Features
  • On-Air layout manipulation

    VidyoCentral provides an easy and flexible interface for setting and changing the on-screen Digital Video Effects (DVE) positioning of multiple parties. It's easy to create layouts and easy to change them on-air and in live-to-tape/server productions. VidyoCentral includes video playback into designated parts of the screen.

    This is a Web-based resource, allowing individual and multi-party interviews to be conducted from desktops or laptops with SDI/HD-SDI output, and, isolated recording of participants.

  • Digital Video Effects (DVE)

    The system allows fast DVE changes; simply click a template and the change is made. Creation of layout templates is easy. The system interprets black or white boxes in .png graphics files to be where live and pre-recorded video would play. This also allows graphics to be included in the on-screen DVE layout.

  • Unlimited layout customization

    Simply, design a layout using any graphic editor (e.g., PhotoShop, Paint, etc.) and designate each feeds location on screen with multi-panel grids matching your aspect ratio (4:3 or 16:9). Save the image as PNG file and upload it to the VidyoCentral layout repository. Topical graphics can easily be included.

  • Optional camera robotics control

    Optional remote camera robotics control is available for frequent contributors like analysts, sports personalities, government officials, business leaders, field reporters, legislative hearings, common news conference sites, etc. Each camera has 10 pre-sets, and making manual camera moves is easy from both the online interface as well as by plugging in the existing camera manufacturer's remote controllers. Our system provides control command distribution, at extreme low latency.