VidyoCast is the broadcast divsion of Vidyo® .

With broadcast hardware and software built on top of the legendary Vidyo technology, VidyoCast provides a range of industry-leading capabilities, including encoders-decoders, feeds management, live production tools, feeds monitoring systems and TV network control systems.

Our products and services are modular, but share a common core: the use of the latest generation of H.264 SVC Scalable Video Coding, and, the use of VidyoRouter.

VidyoRouter is the first technology to delivery high-resiliency broadcast-quality over the Internet. VidyoRouter monitors the bandwidth and processing power of each decoder and adjusts packet delivery on the fly, so that each broadcast feed location receives the highest quality video that it is capable of receiving.

This intelligent packet-switching, combined with Vidyos industry leadership in H.264 SVC, ensures the lowest latency and highest error resiliency available over everyday networks.